What is Future Proef?

A lot of master's theses end up in a figurative drawer after all the hard work, also when they contain interesting social insights. With Future Proef, we want to make master's theses on sustainability more accessible for the general public and for the organizations or people who are working on these topics in practice. In this way, we also want to fuel the conversation about sustainability in society.

Future Proef Ghent University

Future Proef Ghent University is an initiative of Green Office Gent, the Centre for Sustainable Development, the Directorate for Educational Affairs & The University Library from Ghent University.

Future Proef Award Ghent University

Every autumn we award the three most sustainable theses at Ghent University with the Future Proef Award.

Future Proef Project Ghent University

Future Proef Ghent University is more than only the Awards: there are other projects that you can participate in!

  • Thesis with impact: are you doing your bachelor's-, master's or doctoral thesis on a sustainable topic, and do you want to share your findings with the world and truly make an impact? Send an e-mail to duurzaam@ugent.be with Thesis with impact as the subject, and tell us about your research! Together, we will find a way in which you can share your thesis in a meaningful way.
  • Are you a professor or postdoc? We are still on the search for sustainable research proposals! Which sustainable research do you think is very urgent or which sustainable topic has not been researched completely? Let us know via duurzaam@ugent.be with the subject: Duurzaam onderzoeksvoorstel.
  • If you would rather not participate in the competition, you can still put your thesis in the spotlight on this website with an article. If you are interested, send an e-mail to duurzaam@ugent.be with the subject: Thesis in the spotlight

Flemish Future Proef Award

From the academic year 2023-2024 onwards, the Future Proef Award will also be organized at the Flemish level. Almost all Flemish universities and colleges will organize a local selection/award ceremony, and the three winners per institution will advance to the Flemish Future Proef Award. There, a final top three will be chosen, all of whom will be rewarded with a cash prize.

The Flemish Future Proef Award rewards theses that contribute to a sustainable future. Sustainable Education Point (Flemish Government, Department of Environment), Flemish higher education institutions, and the Foundation for Future Generations collaborate to make this competition possible.