Future Proef for teachers

I supervised a student with an interesting thesis

Bring us in contact with your student by sending an e-mail to duurzaam@ugent.be met als onderwerp ’Thesis Future Proef’ en dan bekijken we de mogelijkheden.

I want to supervise students around sustainability issues

A lot of subjects have a more or less visible link with sustainability. It is worth it to let the students reflect on that (read the educational tips around sustainability here). It is not easier, however often more exciting, when working with different disciplines together.

Do you want to put interdisciplinary sustainability issues from Ghent City or Ghent University at the center, then you can go to the 'Stadsacademie'. This is an initiative where academics, students, policymakers, civil society organizations, etc. work within an inter- and transdisciplinary setting around socio-economic challenges from Ghent City and Ghent University.